Abilities and assets

Professor Francesca Happé talks to Jim al-Khalili about her research into the abilities and assets of people with autism and how she recognised autism in women in this BBC podcast.

Have your say

The government has launched a public survey as part of developing a National Strategy for Disabled People. The survey is a chance for disabled people and their carers, friends and family to share views and life experiences. Survey closed 23...

Mask exemptions and you

With supermarkets tightening up on the wearing of face masks, please be reassured by the government guidance that should be followed. Fry Law has lifted some key quotes: ‘Once an individual has said they are not able to/exempt, you must take their word and allow...

SEN teachers for priority vaccination

Parents of children with special educational needs and disabilities are calling for teachers in special schools to be vaccinated against Covid-19. Many parents have been told their children cannot attend school because of safety concerns about the virus. Now they want...
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