Self-isolation or Household-isolation is for people and families who have symptoms of Coronavirus. Social Distancing is about staying safe and reducing your chances of catching it.

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Social Distancing: What does it mean?
It means stay away from places where people gather, avoid mass gatherings, and whenever not possible, maintain a distance of at least one metre from each other*. Together we can help to slow the infection from spreading.

Red light – Avoid/ Don’t Do
• All gatherings of religious, commercial, official or personal nature (e.g. market/ mall, cinema, meeting/conference, wedding, party/picnic, tuition, gym/yoga, dancing etc.) involving a sizable and flowing crowd
• Social visitors or non-essential workers in your house
• Non-essential visitors in the workplace
• Non-essential travel in public transportation

Yellow light – Do with Caution
• Attend private gatherings limited to a few family members or known friends
• Travelling in a private transport (public transport only if it is a necessity)
• Visit a local restaurant, but choose the open-air type, sitting with at least one metre apart whenever possible (takeaway food is a better choice)
• Buying in a grocery store or supermarket without a crowd
• Pick up medicines from the pharmacy without a crowd
• Play sports in the open air with family or a few known friends

Green light – Safe to Do
• Take a walk or jog in open park or stadium
• Cycling
• Play in the home garden, or go for a fun drive with family
• Read a book or listen to music in private
• Play games or watch TV/ movie at home
• Home cooking and meals at home

• Wash your hands frequently with soap and water, or alcohol-based hand rub.
• Best to do things online whenever possible (e.g. video chat, e-payment, internet games, or chat over a phone).
*World Health Organisation, March 2020.