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Take a look at our guidance on personal budgets for young people with special educational needs.

What is a Personal Budget?

A Personal Budget for SEN is money to pay for support as part of your Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP). It can include funds from Education, Health and Social Care.  Young people must always be involved in planning the Personal Budget. This is called an Arrangement or Notional Budget. Sometimes the Local Authority, school or college will look after the Personal Budget for the young person.  Sometimes the young person may manage all or part of the Personal Budget themselves and the money to do this will come from a Direct Payment. Sometimes someone else will manage the Personal Budget for the young person and this is called a Third Party Arrangement. Sometimes a young person can have a mixture of some or all of these arrangements.

Who can have a Personal Budget?

A young person with an EHCP can ask for a Personal Budget.  They can ask for their own Personal Budget after the end of the school year that they become 16.  Sometimes the Local Authority will not say yes to a Personal Budget, but if that happens, they must tell you why.

What can a Personal Budget be used for?

A Personal Budget can only be used for the support that is written in the EHCP.  This can fund the special educational, health and social care support that will help meet the outcomes written in the Plan.  If you are not sure, you can ask Derby SEND Information, Advice and Support for more information.

What is the difference between a Personal Budget and a Direct Payment?

A Personal Budget is the money that is given to provide some of the provision that is written in the EHCP and says who will provide it.  The young person does not actually manage the funds directly. A Direct Payment is given to the young person for some services and they manage the money themselves.  The young person is responsible for buying the service and paying for it. A Personal Budget can include a Direct Payment if it is agreed that this is a good way to manage part of the Personal Budget. Direct payments can be used for special educational provision only if the school or college agree.

How much will I get if I have Direct Payments?

How much you get will depend on what has been written in the EHCP, so it will be different for each person. If the Local Authority has agreed to make a Direct Payment, it must be enough to pay for the service or services written in the Plan.

Where can I get further information, advice or support?

Derby SEND Information, Advice and Support Service can also give you:

  • More information about Personal Budgets and Direct Payments
  • Advice on if you may be able to get a Personal Budget and how you can apply for it.
  • Information on local services that may be able to help
  • Advice on what to do if you are unhappy with the Local Authority decision on your Personal Budget.

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