Be the change in 2021

Fighting the stigma of autism is already an uphill battle, but it can be extra hard when you’re part of a minority group, writes Venessa Bob.

Autistic boy’s lockdown quotes turned into art

Autistic boy’s lockdown quotes turned into art. Woody is only eight years old but he has a lot to say about lockdown. He was diagnosed with autism when he was three and the condition has given him a unique viewpoint on the world. His dad Sonny is now turning his...

Barriers removed for Deaf Jurors

The government has announced that the law will be changed to allow BSL interpreters into the jury deliberation room. Up until now, BSL has been permitted in court but not in the jury room. This has meant that in order to participate in jury service, Deaf People have...

Millions of disabled people experience food poverty

A report by the Food Foundation shows that the most seriously disabled people are experiencing 5 times the level of food insecurity as the wider population. The report states that 25% of disabled people, who are limited a lot by their impairments, experience food...
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